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West Texas Graphics

Starting out of the kitchen in their house in 2007, Fred and Lori decided the business was outgrowing the house. They decided to open the storefront in January 2015, and have been growing there ever since, but still keep the down to earth small business feel and attitude. That is were the slogan comes in “Doing Business the West Texas Way”…….heck its in their name!

Fred Vitolas

Fred is a graphic designer, born in Lamesa, raised in New Home Tx, then decided to back to Lamesa. Fred used to work with his parents on their farm, and knows the value of hard work, (and very happy to have an indoor job!!)

Lori Vitolas

Lori is a native to Lamesa. She is also one of the graphic designers. Working in the retail business, she has excellent customer service qualities. She loves working on designs for customers (and working with her husband!!!) "Ps. he made me do that"


The Family

Family is everything to the Vitolas Family. That is what has made the business what it is now. Fred and Lori acknowledge that they would not be where they are in the business if it wasn't for their family. Not just their 2 wonderful children which do help around the shop, but also their parents as well, who have helped around the shop, and to get everything rolling. They not only want to thank their immediate family, but also their customers who they consider family as well.

Some of the Products we cary at West Texas Graphics